Since March 1, 2000 I have been successful as a self employed interim manager. 

I have proven my management skills and expertise in a variety of of organizations: (local) government, industry, commerce, health and education.  In recent years I delivered contributions supporting companies in finding new strategies, process redesign (balanced Score card), the structuring of a shared service centre, downsizing of staff, the introduction of competency based personnel management.Successful management of organizational change and renewal must be based on a clear strategic direction and well defined goals, a coherent and convincing communication and appealing to people’s talents and responsibilities.

I am available for interim management positions and assignments as project manager, change manager or executive management consultant.

My competence is based on a solid academic foundation with a tremendous enthusiasm and many vivid innovative ideas to renew and revitalize organizations and employee relations. This enables me to inspire people; to make them believe in the necessity and the prospective results of learning and change.The focus of my attention is on the control of work processes as well as on the boosting of organizational learning.

My professional attitude will guarantee in all circumstances upright effort and reliable performances. I am convinced that success is a result of open and continued communication with all people involved. Principles that I use in my work are:

The strong believe in respect for one another as the basis of cooperation and never take anybody for granted; this fosters open communication which results in increased trust and self-confidence. Another building block is the expression of appreciation and of esteem to one another; enhanced performances by people in their work will be the ultimate consequence.


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