Surname:  Rolf
First name:  Bert
Christian names: Swibertus Rudolphus


The Netherlands, 
June 27 1946


Groenendaal 55, 
9722 CP Groningen, 
The Netherlands
Mobile phone: +31-(0)651516294
Web site:

Successfully performed interim-management assignments

Netherlands Basketball Federation
Supporting the processes related to the renegotiation and the restructuring of the relationship and co-operation between the Netherlands Basketball Federation (NBB) and the Federation of clubs in the men's Top Division (FEB)

Thuiszorg De Friese Wouden (Home Care Organization with appr. 2000 employees)
Downsizing and restructuring of the head office support departments to one lean support group; in continuation the outplacement of 35 staff.
Targets realized: €1,2 million cut in salary costs and a shift in the proportions of direct/indirect staff from 70/30 to 75/25. 


Kulczyk Tradex Sp. z o.o. Poznan, Poland, consultant
The Company imports VW, Audi en Porsche cars; 300 employees.
Advisor to the executive board, project supervisor for the development of HR management.

AVEBE b.a. Starch Company, management team,  interim HRM manager

  • Redesign of the organization, cost reduction (downsizing by 80 fte) 
  • Introduction and training of new leadership styles among production supervisors.
  • Redeployment of operators in the Dutch starch factories

GGD Zuidoost Drenthe (public health authority), troubleshooter

  • Prior to a merger several problematic dossiers were solved successfully (e.g. regarding retirement, disability insurance, reward structures)

Loppersum City Council, consultant 

  • Introduction of a new management approach, a more client oriented delivery of servicest

Groningen City Council, Division of  Education, Culture, Sports and Welfare
Interim head of the department of Personnel management

  • Formulated the anticipated HR-needs of the division with respect to personnel requirements.
  • Facilitated the consultation processes between the service providers and the internal clients.
  • Composed and facilitated manager profiles consistent with the strategic objectives. 

Dutch Aviation Authority, consultant. 

  • Mapping of the perception of service levels delivered among stake holders.


Consultant and interim manager for Emmen City Council (100,000 inhabitants), Customer Services and Facilities Management Division.

  • The successful integration of two existing departments into a new Personnel Services Unit of 26 employees.
  • Individual and team performances have increased substantially and the Unit’s activities are now better geared to meet the requirements of management. Professional identity, attitudes and general capabilities have been improved.

Prior work experience


Management Center ATOL, consultant and management trainer.

  • Assignments included HR development and change projects; the development of management training programs; management coaching and training with companies in both The Netherlands and Germany.
  • Clients included a cleaning business, a chemical laboratory, a technology company and local authorities.


Founder and Director of the Erasmus Seminar in International Human Resource Management at the Hanzehogeschool van Groningen (Groningen Polytechnic).

  • This annual Seminar is an interactive program for graduate and undergraduate students and is a joint project between the participating universities and partners from several businesses.
  • Tasks included managing and organizing the seminar; fund raising and program development. The last Seminar attracted 140 students from 10 different countries.


Hanzehogeschool van Groningen (Groningen Polytechnic)

  • Lecturer in personnel management and organization development in the Departments, Management of Personnel and Labor, Technology Management and Civil Engineering.
  • Coordinator of the work placements, practical training, international relations.
  • Special subject comparative European Human Resource Management.


Instituut voor Sociale Wetenschappen, (Institute for Social Sciences), Den Haag.

  • Management trainer.


Koninklijke Bedrijven Theodorus Niemeyer (Royal Tobacco Companies Th. Niemeyer).

  • Head of the Personnel Department of the Food Division
  • Member of the Executive Management Team.


Coop.Condensfabriek Friesland, Leeuwarden (currently: Friesland Coberco Dairy Foods).

  • Personnel Officer assigned to the commercial and technical support departments, with branches in both The Netherlands and Germany.
  • A special assignment involved being responsible for the development and introduction of new methods and procedures for performance evaluation.


Uitgeverij Wolters-Noordhoff, Groningen (a publishing company)

  • Graduation research project - designing a company specific system for job evaluation.


Master class interim management, Deloitte, 2003-2004

Gymnasium-β, St.Maartenscollege Haren (Groningen) (1965).

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (Groningen University) (1973).

  • Graduated in Social Sciences, with an emphasis on the sociology of labor and organizations.

Attended a range of training courses in personnel management techniques, OD, group dynamics and financial management.

Proficient in both English and German.

Computer skills in Microsoft office 2000, e-mail and the internet.

Additional Relevant Activities and Contacts

Member of the Dutch Association of Personnel Management (NVP)

1998 – Guest Lecturer at the College of Business Administration, Utah State University, Logan, USA.

1996 – Guest Lecturer at the College of Business Administration, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, USA.

1994 – Guest Lecturer at the Universidad del Pais Vasco, San Sebastian, Spain.

I have held a variety of positions on executive committees of student clubs, sport clubs and the local branch of the Dutch Social Democratic Party. In addition, I was the Chairman of the Administrative Board of an Institute that managed six schools for professional education.

In my professional field of Personnel Management and OD, I have international contacts with colleagues at universities in Germany, USA, UK, France, Sweden, Poland, Hungary and Spain.

Book review for the Journal of Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, Bristol Business School.

Personal Characteristics

I have a broad experience of personnel management, especially in managing change within an organization. In addition, I have a wide range of contacts in this field both within The Netherlands and neighbouring countries. I find this work interesting and enjoyable, and being enthusiastic, I try to find innovative and creative solutions to problems.

My language skills and mobility enable me to function in international organizations.

I am a keen runner and am in good health.

Groningen, October 2004


Groenendaal 55
9722 CP Groningen

+31-(0)50-527 77 96

Mobile phone: 

+31-(0)50- 527 64 96


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